Earth Day is a day to reflect on the gift that our planet is and everything it offers us. It’s not only that, though. Most importantly, it’s a day that urges us to reflect on what we do to care for our planet on a day-to-day basis. While the Earth can sometimes seem like it’s an infinite mine of resources, it isn’t, and what we do to preserve and care for those resources is increasingly more important by the day. We’re proud to be a business that centers itself on recycling and reusing electronics, as opposed to contributing to landfill overgrowth where items sit for decades.



Keeping Devices Functional and Deployed Through Repair

The very foundation of eduPARTS revolves around decreasing e-waste. When Chromebooks are handled by students everyday, some of them are bound to break. We don’t believe that it’s ethical or good for the environment to simply throw those devices away when there is a cracked screen, broken keyboard, or damaged motherboard. That’s where our Chromebook teardown team comes in. While there are many different manufacturers and models of Chromebooks available, many parts are cross-compatible. Our expert teardown team takes full-unit devices and disassembles them so that we can provide you with the specific replacement parts needed for your repairs. It also allows each and every part within that device to be used to repair Chromebooks across the country, keeping devices deployed and in-use longer.

Responsibly Recycling Electronics and Batteries

You may be wondering what happens when we receive Chromebooks that aren't up to our quality standards when torn down for parts. In that case, the parts are recycled with PADNOS, a local company in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which is an expert in the recycling of many items, including electronics and batteries. If we aren’t able to use something, PADNOS is able to responsibly recycle it.


Offering Trade-Ins for End-Of-Life Devices

To ensure that retired Chromebooks don’t find themselves in landfills after years of service, eduPARTS offers a Device Trade-In program. This is a win-win for everyone involved. When school districts upgrade to newer Chromebook models, they have the opportunity to trade-in the end-of-life devices for credit with eduPARTS. They can then spend these credits to repair their currently deployed Chromebooks, making sure their older devices don’t go to waste.

Unsure of when your Chromebook lifecycles will end? eduPARTS’ Device Dashboard conveniently tracks the Auto-Update Expiration (AUE) date for all of your Chromebooks, which is also commonly referred to as a device’s end-of-life. This free service not only tracks the end-of-life, but also all of your parts purchases, allowing you to easily access financial information for reports and more.



We are proud of the work that we do to keep the planet a healthy environment for future generations. If you’re interested in how you can better care for the Earth, consider trading in your old Chromebooks when it comes time to upgrade, finding a great recycling center near you for your waste needs, or taking a closer look at your processes to see what you can do more efficiently to reduce waste.