1. A Year of Ups and Downs: 2021 Year in Review

    Almost everyone can agree that 2021 was an absolute whirlwind. Through all of the craziness, it’s hard to remember everything that’s happened after such a reactionary year. Here are a few of the things that were highlights for eduPARTS in 2021:

    Schools Reopened

    This year we saw schools reopen, which was no small feat. There was significant work done to keep students safe, as transition after transition was forced on school infrastructures. We saw tech departments step up, as they handled the uptick in student and teacher tech needs, all while juggling the shifts in the industry. We introduced our UV-C device sanitizing machine and were even fortunate enough to be able to donate $30,000 in machines to schools nationwide.

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  2. Repair In-House: The Tools You'll Need To Succeed

    As we spoke about in a previous blog, repairing your Chromebooks in-house can offer you a huge budget boost, as well as give you an opportunity to engage with the students in your districts in a creative way. All of these benefits are incredible, but we also know that starting from scratch can be a bit daunting. To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of the tools you’ll need to repair on your own.

    Screwdriver Set

    Every repair will start with your screwdriver. Most Chromebook repairs will require you to use a #0 philips, but it’s always good to be prepared for anything.

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  3. The Rise of Esports in Schools - Should Your School Participate?

    Should your school get involved in Esports?

    Esports are rising in popularity, especially with kids in middle school and high school. While, in the past, kids may be discouraged from playing video games in order to focus on school work, many schools have been adopting Esports teams just as they would any other sports club. So, why is it becoming so popular and being embraced by schools around the world? As it turns out, there are a number of benefits.

    Scholarship Potential

    By far one of the greatest benefits of students getting involved in Esports is the scholarship opportunities across a number of colleges. The popularity of Esports is not confined to middle and high school, and big game developers are even holding large-scale c

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  4. Google for Education: Optimizing Digital Learning

    By now, if you aren’t using the Google Suite of applications for education, you’ve likely heard of them. In this blog, we’ll help you to gain a better understanding of how each of these applications can be integrated into your school’s workflow to streamline processes with both students and teachers.

    Google Meet

    With Google Meet, class can be held entirely remotely, or even partially, with this video conferencing app. Teachers are able to share their screens to display important notes and presentations, all while engaging their students

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  5. Burnout - How to Identify the Symptoms and Overcome Them

    Considering how the last year and a half has played out across the world, the extra workload and mental stress that technology directors and other education IT professionals face has stretched many to their limits. Unsurprisingly, burnout has been a significant issue due to the added stress. According to Mayo Clinic, unaddressed burnout can lead to serious issues like high blood pressure, heart disease and more, so it’s very important to take care of yourself to manage your stress.

    Burnout is defined by

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  6. BYOD: Making Personal Devices in Classrooms Work

    Whether you work for a large school district or a small one, it’s safe to say that BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has come up in conversation. There are plenty of pros and cons to students bringing their personal devices into the classroom, but the allowance will ultimately come down to the circumstances of each individual school. If your district has chosen to allow students to use their personal devices in class, here are some important things to consider:

    1. Have a Proper Network in Place

    While you are able to set boundaries on the school-issued devices, things get tricky when a personal device is in play. With school-issued devices, you are able to lock students onto certain screens or webpages during class to ensure they are on task, but that may not work th

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  7. How to Partner with Schools for Chromebook Repair

    In January of 2020, there were around 40 million students and educators who used Chromebooks in the classroom every single day. Chromebooks also saw a 275% spell of growth in 2021 Q1 in 2021 Q1 over an already record 2020 Q4, which is likely attributed to schools adapting to the COVID outbreak. Now that technology is more accessible to students, there will be more devices rolling into schools and other educational spaces.

    Chromebooks are being used on a daily basis for education and some schools are

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  8. Chromebook Accessories: The Must Haves

    As tech directors, your Chromebooks are incredibly valuable assets. In this day and age, especially in light of the coronavirus pandemic, education relies heavily on technology to operate smoothly. That’s why it’s incredibly important to invest in gear to protect them from damage, as well as prepare for any issues that are likely to arise. Now that school is out for the summer, it’s the perfect time to take a closer look at your inventory to make sure you have all of these essentials!

    1. Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

    Broken screens are a very common pain point when it comes to Chromebook repair. While you

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  9. Get the Most Out of Our Chromebook Buyback Program

    As technology becomes more ingrained in the fabric of education, this summer is likely a good time to consider upgrading your devices. Something we strongly recommend you consider is taking advantage of our Buyback Program. Trading in your old devices with eduPARTS can offer a number of benefits.

    1. Credits Toward Future Repair

    When you enter your old devices into our Buyback Program, each approved device will grant you credits. You can use these credits to stock up on parts or accessories you know you’ll need in the future, or save them for the inevitable repairs you’ll have to make in the next school year. This in itself is a great investment, giving yourself a little extra wiggle room, having these credits in your back pocket to use instead of budget money.

    2. It

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  10. Why Your School District Should Be Repairing Chromebooks In-House

    Across your entire school district, it goes without saying that more than a handful of Chromebooks come back to you each month in need of repair. While it may save you some time to send your broken devices to a third party repair shop, you may be surprised how simple these repairs are and how much money you could be saving by fixing in-house.

    We understand that it may seem like a daunting task, but there are huge benefits, and we'll be highlighting them in this blog post.

    When you aren’t used to doing something on a regular basis, a task can seem more complicated than it actually is. If you'd give it a shot, you'd likely realize it’s not as difficult as you thought it would be. This premise absolutely app

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