1. How to Use Desktop Backgrounds to Elevate Your District's Communication

    Use desktop backgrounds to better communicate while students learn remote.

    Whether your school is meeting in classrooms, learning entirely remotely, or even a hybrid of both, the nature of education is hectic right now. Considering students (and their brains) are scattered due to the new adjustments in learning, it can be difficult to communicate clearly across your entire district. Luckily, for those with Chromebooks, there could be a good solution for this! 


    Thanks to Google’s ability to sync your devices, you can change the wallpaper background across all of your Chromebooks. This can be nifty to create new wallpapers with special announcements or other important messages and distribute them to each student easily.


    Here’s ho

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  2. [Free Checklist] Must-Have Back-to-School Safety Materials

    School Year Safety Checklist

    It is imperative to keep K-12 staff and students safe for the upcoming school year. This means that new safety procedures and protocols will be enforced, likely including personal protection equipment (PPE) and cleaning supplies.

    We've created a Back-to-School Safety Checklist with the supplies you may need in your technology department, classrooms, for school nurses, and more. Download the checklist for free by filling out the form below:

    To help schools like yours stream

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  3. How To Collect K-12 Chromebooks Amidst a Pandemic

    Parent giving child hand sanitizer

    With schools closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the year coming to a close, many tech departments are putting together a plan for device collection. The thought of  being exposed to an entire district’s students amidst a pandemic can cause overwhelm quickly, but there are safety precautions that can be taken to protect both the community and school staff.

    Coordinating Device Drop Off

    Whether your district is small or large, coordination between students, parents, and staff is a difficult task. It’s important to create a solid plan and provide clear communication going into the collection of K-12 devices.

    Communication to students and parents can and should be done in multip

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  4. [Downloadable Social Media Post] K-12 Technology Departments Keep Students Learning with Chromebooks

    School districts across the nation have closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving schools without access to 1:1 technology wondering how this will impact the remainder of their school year. Those with Chromebooks for every student in their district are also wondering how their school year will be impacted, but have the advantage of continuing classroom learning in a virtual atmosphere.

    Attending class from behind a Chromebook or iPad does have it's challenges. As students, parents, and teachers navigate remote learning, questions and technology support becomes more needed than ever. Without on-site access to the technology department, some schools are offering technology support hours. These designated hours allow students to receive help in resolving technology

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  5. Chromebook Lifespan Extended in 2020: What it Means for K-12 Tech Directors

    Teacher talking to students who are using Chromebooks in the classroom

    If your district is in the market for a new fleet of Chromebooks, we have some news for you. At BETT 2020 education conference in London, Google announced that Chromebooks released in and after 2020 will receive eight years of software and security updates. This announcement comes just months after the extension of updates on over 100 current Chromebooks.

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  6. Help Make a Difference: Vote for Your Favorite Tech-Focused Organization

    Help Us Support Kids Through Technology

    [Update: This survey has concluded. Thank you to everyone who participated!]

    Technology develops at a rapid rate, providing kids with a plethora of opportunities. As this happens, however, the digital divide grows. In low income areas, some schools have budgets that are too small for broadband internet, while other schools don't have access to technology at all. This lack of technology in the classroom inhibits them from gaining the digital skills needed in an ever-growing technological environment.

    At eduPARTS, we provide schools with replacement parts for broken Chromebooks and iPads. Our mission has always been to help provide students across the nation with working technolog

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  7. Q&A: Repairing Chromebooks in a School District with Over 16,000 Students

    An elementary school student points at a broken Chromebook as the Tech Director holds the device.

    We sat down with a California-based Information Systems Specialist to discuss how his team manages purchasing, upkeep, and repair of devices throughout the 20 sites in the district. His school district is in a primarily agricultural area and has around 16,900 students within their 16 elementary schools and four junior highs.

    With over 20,000 devices deployed, this team juggles repair, constant device updates, end-of-life procedures, and the purchasing of new Chromebooks. Although they’re busy, bumping between the many sites within the district, you can tell through this Information Systems Specialist’s enthusiastic voice that he and his team truly have an unwavering pass

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  8. Google Extends the Lifespan of Over 130 Chromebooks

    Teacher and student talking in the classroom as the student uses a Chromebook.

    As tech directors and Chromebook procurement teams choose devices for their district, there is a balancing act between purchasing devices based on capability and also taking into consideration Google’s support of Chrome OS on the device. Similar to smartphones, Chromebooks require regular auto-updates. These updates are made by Google to ensure the device is up-to-date with the latest features and are current on security upgrades

    In a recent interview

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  9. G Suite vs Office 365: What You Need to Know

    Women helping child with school work in a classroom

    Over the past couple of years, schools have been progressing more towards a digital district. This means that tech directors and administrators will have to choose between G Suite or Office 365 systems for their districts. Both of these systems offer a vast selection of apps for teachers, administrators, and students. With a variety of LMS (Learning Management Systems) on the market for educators, how do you know which one of the best for your school district? Keep reading to learn more! 


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  10. How to Get Your School District to Invest in Technology

    When any large-scale changes are made within school districts, they must be implemented properly, and most of all, approved by the administration. Depending on the climate of your school, it may be hard to convince members of the board to allocate funds for technology upgrades. If you’re passionate about using technology in the classroom or updating your technology to benefit the productivity of your school, here are a few tips to help guide your pitch. 

    Start Planning, Now! 

    When touching base with members of your administration, make sure you’re pitching at the right time of the year so your

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