The federal government’s introduction of ESSER funds in 2021 offered a major boost to schools who were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This effort released billions of dollars in grant money in order to get schools back on track in the post-pandemic world. While this was massive news, to the surprise of many, much of this money has been left completely unspent. So, with all of this money left waiting to be used, it begs the question: is your district eligible to receive ESSER funds? The answer is probably yes!

Who is Eligible For ESSER Grant Funds?

The eligibility for ESSER funds is pretty broad and wide-reaching, allowing many schools to take advantage of this program. Any public school within a district is eligible for these funds. If you’re at a charter school, you are also eligible if registered with a local education agency. Even private schools are able to secure some of these funds, as long as they are a non-profit institution. For-profit private schools are not eligible.

What Can ESSER Funds Be Used For?

While there are restrictions on how these funds can be used, what you can do is far more than what you can’t do. ESSER funds can be used to purchase any safety equipment concerning student and staff health, such as the INVZBL products that we offer. These products are simple to use and install, and can reduce pathogens in schools by over 99 percent. These funds can also be used to hire additional staff like janitors, nurses, and substitute teachers to help keep your school safe and promote healthier habits.

Additionally, you can use ESSER funds to invest in digital learning tools that can enhance their online learning experience. We recently released a blog covering five excellent apps to help students succeed. These apps range from organization, to studying tools, and even literacy aids. Any cost incurred by implementing these apps could be a great use of ESSER funds.

Don’t let these funds go to waste! ESSER funds are being released in tiers, and when the tiers expire, so does the money. Tier one has already expired as of September 30, 2022. Tiers two and three will expire on the same date in 2023 and 2024 respectively, so this resource needs to be taken advantage of while it’s still available.