As we spoke about in a previous blog, repairing your Chromebooks in-house can offer you a huge budget boost, as well as give you an opportunity to engage with the students in your districts in a creative way. All of these benefits are incredible, but we also know that starting from scratch can be a bit daunting. To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of the tools you’ll need to repair on your own.

Screwdriver Set

Every repair will start with your screwdriver. Most Chromebook repairs will require you to use a #0 philips, but it’s always good to be prepared for anything. Considering Chromebooks won’t be the only thing you’ll likely need to repair, we recommend the Mako Driver Kit. This kit will have everything you need for any repair all in one package that’s easy to keep track of.

Plastic Pry Tool

In order to safely remove larger pieces of your device, a plastic pry tool is essential. These are very important especially when prying the cover off of your Chromebook. The pry tool assists you to remove these pieces without damaging them.

Tweezer Set

For smaller, more delicate parts, a tweezer set will be your best friend. Using tweezers will help you to make sure no damage will be made to delicate pieces, bringing your repairs to a screaming halt. You’ll need these for any flexes you’ll come across while breaking down your Chromebooks.

ESD Mat or Wrist Band

An electrostatic discharge mat or an ESD wrist strap (or both) are important for keeping your device safe. These mats and wristbands absorb electromagnetic shocks that could damage your device’s electrical components as you work to repair them.

Heating Pad (Non-essential)

While you may not need the tablet heating pad, it’s certainly very helpful. These pads help to loosen any glues that may be in the device. This will make it considerably easier to pry things apart and remove parts as you repair.

With all of these, you’ll be ready to start repairing your Chromebooks in-house! There are plenty of other helpful tools, like the broken headphone plug extractor and others that can make your life easier, but they aren’t essential. Pair these tools with our helpful repair guides and get your devices back in student hands!